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Abstract Paper Cutouts

Current &
Completed Projects

Mods, Memes, and Minigames

Research project exploring the ethically ambiguous 2019 RPG Disco Elysium and how to play it well, from three different player perspectives.


SSHRC Insight grant project exploring social class and its representation in games, how players and developers are impacted by class differences, and a game prototype about being an essential worker during the pandemic.

SSHRC Insight grant project to study game streamers outside dominant demographics who stream to smaller audiences.



FRQSC research-creation grant project investigating ethical ambiguity in games.  

Census of videogame characters in top selling games for 2018 to determine prevalence of gender, race/ethnicity, age, body image and other demographics in playable and non-playable characters.


Satirical examination of the neoliberal university system via Ren'py game. Play as a new department chair starting the fall term. Position your department to achieve Centre of Excellence status to avoid funding cuts and not get fired.

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