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Virtual Census 2.0

This study examines more than 8000 characters observed in the top 100 selling videogames for 2017. Research questions investigate how frequently characters of different genders, races, and ages are represented in the games; if there is a difference between those groups' appearance in primary and secondary roles; and if there is a difference in characters' social group representation between games with different ESRB ratings as well as different sales rankings. 

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Research outputs


"The virtual census 2.0: A continued investigation on the representations of gender, race and age in videogames," (2020), Annie Harrisson, Shawn Jones, Jessie Marchessault, Sâmia Pedraça and Mia Consalvo, AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research.

Team members


Sâmia Pedraça


Jessie Marchessault


Dmitri Williams


Mia Consalvo


Annie Harrisson


Shawn Suyong Yi Jones

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